Every Act of Sabotage Targeting Innocent People is A Terrorist Act: Senior Scholars Council

Senior Scholars Council

The Secretariat General of the Senior Scholars Council has hailed the great efforts exerted by the State Security Presidency and all military and security sectors in maintaining the state’s security and tracing terrorists, saboteurs and criminals, affirming that every sabotage act targeting innocent people or installations and capabilities is a criminal and terrorist act which is severely punished by the Islamic Sharia (law).

This came in a statement issued by the Secretariat General following the State Security Presidency’s statement issued today.

The council affirmed that the responsibility to confront these terrorists and criminals is a responsibility of all, through writing about them, warning from them, disclosing the danger of their conduct and exposing their external connections with the enemies of this country, as well as cooperating with the security authorities to report every person, situation or behavior that provokes suspicion.