Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia announces 128 citizens disclosed being in Iran

128 Citizens Disclosed their Trip to Iran, Saudi Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that the total number of citizens who disclosed their presence in Iran as of Saturday morning reached 128 citizens, including 26 citizens who are currently inside the Kingdom, 95 citizens who are currently in Iran, and 7 citizens who are currently in other countries.

MOH thanked them for their cooperation and their concern for the safety of their families and those who are in contact with them, and called upon all to speed up and disclose their presence and communicate with 937 and take advantage of the deadline granted to them, which ends at the end of today, Saturday March 7, 2020, to take the necessary precautions.

MOH urged everyone to support the efforts made to combat this virus and carry out their humanitarian and national duty to limit its spread.

MOH called on all citizens and expatriates to communicate with the Health Service Center 937 to answer their inquiries and advise them on the novel coronavirus, stressing the importance of prevention of respiratory diseases in general, and advised everyone to adhere to the educational guidelines issued by the Ministry to avoid infection with viruses.