Coalition Forces shows commitment for the Political agreement in Yemen

Coalition Forces Intercept Drones Launched by terrorist Houthi militia Towards Saudi Arabia

Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen have showed their commitment to reach a political agreement in Yemen as they always believe that it’s the best way to put an end for the Yemini people crises since the start of the military operations.

In the occasion of Saudi Arabia’s initiative to establish the security and stability of Yemen and the region, the Coalition Forces always do their best to prepare the circumstances for all Yemeni parts to be on the negotiation table as well as reaching a permanent political agreement between Biel, Geneva, Kuwait and Stockholm.

The Saudi Arabia’s initiative aims for a comprehensive ceasefire across the country under the supervision of the United Nations, depositing taxes and custom revenues for ships carrying oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah in the joint account of the Central Bank of Yemen.

It also aims to the reopening of Sanaa International Airport to a number of direct regional and international destinations.

The Coalition Forces helped the Yemini parts to stay on one table but they previously failed to reach an agreement so it’s the right time for all parts to put an end for the crises as well as putting the interest of Yemini people in the leading seat.