Coalition forces achieve their goals and continue to support legitimacy, says Al-Maliki

support legitimacy

Col. Turki Al-Maliki, the spokesman of the coalition forces, Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen, confirmed that the command of the coalition forces in Yemen is working to achieve the main objectives of the establishment of this coalition of restoring legitimacy in Yemen, ending the Houthi coup and the elimination of terrorist organizations supported by Iran and restoring stability and security for the Yemeni people.

He stressed the coalition’s commitment to all international laws and the application of the highest standards of military operations that take into account the humanitarian and moral side, while the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias violate this by violating international laws and harming the security of the Yemeni people and the practice of terrorism towards the people.

During the periodic conference of the Joint Forces Command, al-Maliki reviewed the most important events in Yemen recently, in addition to the position of operations to restore hope to support legitimacy in Yemen, and breaches and threats by Houthi to regional and international security, and targeting Houthi capabilities.

He pointed out that the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen achieves goals well while the legitimate forces advance to the regions and cities of Yemen with the support of the coalition, and therefore all the Houthi and Iranian media and some of the media of fake victories is not real, citing what has been achieved on the ground of positions confirming the coalition’s control of operations and the success of the Yemeni National Army in controlling and securing the liberated areas and the tactical progress coinciding with the fight against terrorist organizations in all of Yemen.

The spokesman for the coalition forces that the Houthi violations of international humanitarian law and attempts to target the infrastructure of civilians, especially airports during the last period is still continuing systematically, pointing to the downing of 14 drones.

Colonel al-Maliki reviewed the most prominent live and video footage from the operations room of the coalition command that targeted the movements of Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias and rocket launchers and drones, including the targeting of caves or mountain cavities in the capital Sanaa, which belonged to the Yemeni Republican Guard, explaining that the Houthi militia try to use these caves to store drones and ballistic missiles.

He pointed out that the caves that were used are two main targets in the capital, the first target in Faj Atan, and the second target in Camp Anand.