Bodour Al-Saleh, the first female Saudi guide for caves

Bodour Al-Saleh in an exploratory tour in one of the Saudi caves

The ambition of Bodour Al-Saleh, a female Saudi tourist guide did not stop, after obtaining the first license of tourist guide for Saudi caves, and continued to achieve success and excellence in the field of tourism guidance until it set its goal of owning an investment project for one of the Saudi caves, to turn it into a first-class tourism destination.

Bodour Al-Saleh started her career in tourism in 2018 as a fan of Safari touring and organizing, and then she got a general tour guide license in 2019, and another license as a guide for Saudi caves to be the first Saudi female in Riyadh to get it, then she started working officially with many tourism institutions in Saudi caves and mountain paths as well as guidance in museums, Ad-Diriyah, and At-Turaif district.

It’s noteworthy that touring was previously limited to residents in Saudi Arabia, or Saudi citizens themselves, until the e-tourist visa system was recently applied so the first tourist, who is the Executive Director of Tourism in Sharjah of American national, was greeted in At-Turaif district.

Bodour Al-Saleh was quoted as saying: “The most important decisions supporting the work of women in the field of tourism guidance are allowing them to issue a tourist guide license by the end of 2017, allowing them to drive car and issue driving license, and allowing them to travel alone, as these decisions help them to work and become self-reliant”.

Bodour told the story of a foreign female tourist: “I decided to host foreign tourists at my home to introduce them to the culture and customs of the Saudis, especially that I used to see foreigners’ passion and desire to enter Saudi society and learn about their habits, Emily, the first one to host, from England, specifically from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was very happy to have found a family to host, and her first question was how far the Kingdom Tower is from your home”.