Ayun Al-Seih… Preferred Tourist Attraction Destination in Summer Vacation

Ayun Al-Seih… Preferred Tourist Attraction Destination in Summer Vacation

Ayun Al-Seih, means springs of Al-Seih, features its water which is cold in summer and warm in winter. That is why it is one of Saudi Arabia’s most crowded destination in the summer vacation.

Al-Seih is a name that is given to many areas in Saudi Arabia. Al-Seih is almost a description of flooded areas when the valleys are filled, yet Ayun Al-Seih took its name from its cold water during the summer and warm water during the winter that was overflowing in large quantities, especially in the valleys that penetrate the downtown neighborhoods.

Ayun Al-Seih located in the west of the city of Seih are a tourist destination for residents, expatriates, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, especially during the summer vacation.

Ayun Al-Seih currently attracts visitors and vacationers in large numbers, so the office of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Al-Kharj equipped the facilities of Ayun Al-Seih to receive visitors, within its summer tourism programs, which include various tourist sites and historic buildings in cities, centers, and villages of Al-Kharj.

Visitors to Ayun Al-Seih have a detailed explanation from the tour guides about the history of the water springs.

As being a wealth that must be capitalized on, Ayun Al-Seih has always been catching the attention of Saudi Arabia’s different rulers, which resulted in many projects including the establishment of the historic agricultural Al-Kharj project in the East of Al-Seih city to be the first integrated agricultural project in Saudi Arabia at the time.

Ain Ad-Dhile is one of the largest water springs in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the presence of many springs and streams with mineral and sulfur water, which had an important position since ancient times, the best known of them are Ain Samha and Ain Khaysa, in addition to Ain Farzane, north of the city of Seih.