Attacking Saudi Aramco targets global energy supply

Attacking Saudi Aramco targets global energy supply

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that two Aramco’s oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, which provide international markets with oil, were attacked in an unprecedented terrorist attack on Saturday, 14 September 2019, which resulted in the suspension of about (50%) of the production of Saudi Aramco, as stated in the statement of the Saudi Ministry of Energy.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement quoted by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the preliminary investigation reported that Iranian weapons were used in the terrorist attacks and investigations are underway to verify the source of those terrorist attacks.

The statement affirmed Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of this grave attack that threatens international peace and security, and stresses that the aim of this terrorist attack is primarily directed to global energy supplies, which is an extension of the previous acts of aggression against the pumping stations of Saudi Aramco using Iranian weapons.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses its appreciation to all regional and international parties that have expressed their condemnation of this terrorist attack, and calls on the international community to assume its responsibilities in condemning the perpetrators, and to clearly confront these barbaric acts that affect the backbone of the global economy.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will invite international and UN experts to participate in the investigations, and will take all appropriate measures in the light of the results of these investigations, in order to ensure the Kingdom’s security and stability, and the Kingdom strongly stresses that it is able to defend its territory and its people and to respond vigorously to those terrorist attacks.