Arab Interior Ministers’ Council Condemns Houthi Militia Launching of Bomb-laden Drones Targeting Saudi Arabia

The Secretariat General of the Arab Ministers of Interior Council condemned, in strong wordings, the repeated terrorist attacks waged by the Houthi militia, including the latest launching of a host of bomb-laden drones and ballistic missile towards the Southern parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today which were intercepted and destroyed by the Saudi air defenses.

The secretariat hailed in a statement today the great roles played by the brave Saudi forces as well as the Arab Coalition forces, in taking the appropriate measures to protect the civilians and to confront the repeatedly terrorist attempts by the Houthi militia which is supported by external parties with financial resources and weaponry to target civilians and civil facilities, aiming, eventually, at destabilize security in the region through predetermined hostile practices, in violation of the humanitarian international law as well as in negligence of all efforts exerted to end the struggle in Yemen.