Arab Coalition Removes 157 Houthi Naval Mines From Red Sea

The Saudi-led Arab coalition has removed a naval mine placed in the south of the Red Sea by the Houthi militias; on Saturday.

In detail the coalition said they removed 157 naval mines; after being randomly deployed by the Iran-backed Houthis.

Markedly the Houthi militia continues to threaten maritime navigation and global trade in the Bab al-Mandab strait and the southern Red Sea; the coalition said.

Moreover Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki; stressed that the terrorist Houthi militia continues to launch systematic and deliberate attacks targeting civilian objects and civilians in the Saudi Southern region.

Earlier this week, the Coalition also successfully intercepted and destroyed two explosive-laden boats in the Red Sea.

According to Maliki; the boats set off from Hodeidah Governorate, which the Houthi militias use “as a base to launch ballistic missiles; drones, booby-trapped remote-operated boats.”