Apple, the world’s most valuable brand

Apple topped the world’s most valuable brands list, according to Interbrand.

Corporate branding can be a factor in its success, especially as it influences consumer purchasing decisions. Interbrand has released its 2019 annual report, which ranks companies in terms of brand value.

The report showed many surprises: Facebook is out of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world, and Toyota’s brand value is more valuable than Mercedes.

The company’s evaluation was based on three factors: how positive the brand image is all over the world, what value the brand itself adds to the company, and what plans are in place to develop the brand in the future.

The “total financial return of the brand on the company’s investors or economic profit” was then calculated, along with the brand’s ability to create consumer loyalty, thereby ensuring sustainable demand and profitability in the future.

Technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon were at the top of the list, while other brands such as Spotify and Harley-Davidson were less favored by consumers.

  • Facebook out the world’s top ten most valuable brands.

Facebook’s brand value has fallen from the 10th place last year to the 14th this year, while Nike is in the 16th place.

Apple came first with $234.2mn, while Google came second with $167.7mn, followed by Amazon with $125mn.

  • Samsung ranks sixth in the world with $61 million.

Microsoft came fourth with $108.8mn, Coca-Cola with $63.4mn, and Samsung with $61mn.

Toyota came in seventh with $56.2mn, then Mercedes with $50.8mn, McDonald’s in ninth with $44.53mn, and Disney in 10th with $44.3mn.