Al-Jubeir asks International Community to Deter Iran

Al-Jubeir asks International Community to Deter Iran

Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister of the State for Foreign Affairs and Member of the Cabinet, affirmed that Iran follows a path of darkness and its practices impede security and stability in the region.

During his participation in the session titled “Defense Diplomacy and Regional Stability” at the 15th Manama Dialogue in Bahrain today, Al-Jubeir held Iran accountable of the attacks against oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais recently.

“We do not want war, but Iran needs to be held accountable,” Al-Jubeir said, warning against appeasing Iran with dialogue.

He stressed that Iran should abandon its misleading behavior, respect the sovereignty of states, and international law, pointing out that it is a provocative state threatening the international law.

“The key to stability is deterrence and steadfast resolve by the international community on the necessity of confronting Iranian dark approach and sanctions must be tightened,” Al-Jubeir added.