After Driving cars, Saudi Woman Flying High

Yamine Al-Maimani in piloting her first domestic flight in Saudi Arabia

Yasmine Al-Maimani, the first ever Saudi woman to pilot domestic flight in Saudi Arabia.

Seeking to empower Saudi woman and involve her in all spheres of life in the last several years, Saudi woman was allowed to drive and enter sports stadium almost from one year ago, four women were assigned to key position in Jeddah’s municipality, Tamadur bint Youssef Al-Ramah became the first Saudi female to work as deputy labor minister of Saudi Arabia, Princess Reema Bint Bandar was the first Saudi woman to be appointed as an ambassador to the United States of America.

With an ambition outstrips driving a car, Saudi Pilot Yasmine Al-Maimani smashed all the stereotypes and went out of the common social practices to become the first ever Saudi woman to work as a co-pilot on a domestic flight inside Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that Al-Maimani, prior to joining Nesma Airlines, got a private pilot license in 2010 from Jordan, and then completed 300 hours of training in the United States to get her commercial pilot license. In 2013, she succeeded in replacing her US commercial pilot license with Saudi one to become the second Saudi woman after Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi to obtain this license from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), which issued pilot licenses to five Saudi women last year, according to multiple reports.

Patiently, Al-Maimani awaited her opportunity and decided to temporarily work in air operations and security and safety. Despite getting multiple job offers from other Gulf airlines, she kept awaiting her opportunity with a Saudi one to prove that Saudi woman is competent to work in aviation field. Later, she was officially accepted in Nesma Airlines and head her first domestic flight between Ha’il and Al-Qassim.

Al-Maimani, in an interview, confirmed that she was able to quickly involve in work environment and asked the other Saudi local airline to trust male and female Saudis alike, believe in their competence, and grant them the opportunities.