About Ajel

«Ajel» is an online newspaper, established in 2007, licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia and is now one of the most prominent sites covering local news in Saudi Arabia and global news that touches the interests of the Saudi readers, through a group of editors and correspondents spread throughout the Kingdom.

As a result of the professional commitment and keenness to provide the news service to its readers with high quality, “Ajel” has become the second most popular news site in the Kingdom and the third in the GCC.

The team of «Ajel» is keen to communicate directly with the sources of information and decision-makers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is reflected in the credibility of the news and speed of transfer to the Saudi reader.

«Ajel» has a team of editors and correspondents trained at the highest level, qualified to deal with various conditions of field work within the Kingdom.

«Ajel» also has a team of correspondents and editors spread across the Middle East and North Africa to inform the Saudi readers of everything that is happening in the region.

«Ajel» in the news industry is committed to a professional “editorial guide” based on the Charter of Press Honor, adheres to journalistic values ​​in the transfer of information and is committed to objectivity and credibility in order to provide a distinctive and reliable news service to all our readers inside and outside the Kingdom.

«Ajel» website has a very high number of views, up to 23 million views per month, moreover, nearly six million visitors are keen to follow up regularly as well as more number of followers of “Ajel” accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

More than 80% of the readers of “Ajel” are under the age of 45 years; indicating that they have a special place among young people, as a result of the distinctive and sophisticated content provided by its website.

«Ajel» uses the latest technology, to provide the best news services for the reader, in addition to an advanced protection system, to counter hacking attempts.

«Ajel» has a unique application for smart phones to cover all phones’ systems, Android, iPhone, & Blackberry.

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