50 riders participates in National Day show jumping competition

Arwa Al-Mutabagani, the chair of the organizing committee at Al-Mutabagani Equestrian

Al Mutabagani Equestrian Center is preparing to host another show jumping competition in Jeddah; celebrating the 90th Saudi National Day on Sept. 23, followed by the national junior show jumping competition over the next two days — Sept. 24 and Sept.25 — with the support of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation (SAEF). Besides, the Ministry of Sports support and participation of more than 50 riders and 100 horses; from different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Riders are looking forward to the competition, marking the Kingdom’s 90th National Day.

Following the constant efforts of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation and the Ministry of Sports, sports activities across the Kingdom have resumed after the lockdown of several months due to the coronavirus crisis. The state has returned to normal under the slogan “Return with caution”.

Al-Mutabagani, the first equestrian club in the Kingdom, sponsored by Taj Cream, NTC, and Tasheel finance, has always been supportive of youth activities in general and women’s activities. This is to empower and highlight their successes. Besides, training and directing a lot of the most skilled show jumpers to represent the Kingdom in international events for 35 years.

Final preparations

Dr. Mahfouz bin Talib, head of the technical committee at the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation, revealed the final preparations before the tournament was launched on Wednesday to celebrate the anniversary of the National Day, saying that related authorities and the equestrian applicants were taken on board to hold the competition amidst strict preventive and precautionary measures, in order to preserve the safety of the riders, arbitrators and horses.

He also explained that one of the conditions for participating in the competition is that the riders and horses must be members of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation; and the rider can also participate with 6 horses in the tournament, provided that they do not exceed 3 horses in the first half.

For her part, the Saudi showjumper, Arwa Al-Mutabagani, the chair of the organizing committee at Al-Mutabagani Equestrian, thanked King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman; for their support for sporting activities in the Kingdom in general and equestrian in particular.

Restoring sports activities

She also thanked Prince Minister of Sports Abdulaziz Bin Turki, the minister of sports; Prince Bandar Bin Khaled Al Faisal, the chairman of the Supreme Equestrian Authority; and Prince Abdullah bin Fahd, the president of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation, for their great efforts to restore sports activities and support for equestrian sport; which plays a vital role in making competitions and tournaments successful.

Al-Mutabagani also invited riders and jockeys to participate in the National Day show jumping competition and the national junior 2 show jumping competition. He also invited the fans of the equestrian sport to follow the results of the tournament moment by moment on social media accounts of @TrioRanchKSA; following up that the tournament is available to more than 50 riders from the region; more than 100 horses; and the total cash prizes for the National Day competition and the junior national competition amounting to SR82,550.

National Day

The National Day competition begins, with the participation of the most famous show jumpers of the Kingdom. This is to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the unification of the Saudi Arabia and its achievements; including the showjumper Dalma Malhas, the showjumper Khaled Al Sharbatli and the showjumper Abdullah Al-Rajhi. The Competition also begins with 3 open runs (1) at a height of 80-100 cm; the second half is open (2) at a height of 100-110 cm; and the third half is open (3) at a height of 110-120 cm.

The international referee and designer of the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation; and the former showjumper of the Saudi Equestrian National Team; Mazen Al-Sahyan, commented on holding the National Day show jumping competition; stressing upon the importance of encouraging young people and new generations to practice equestrian sport. This is in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030; pointing out to the recent achievements of this sport in international forums.

Al-Sahian also praised the precautionary measures taken by the Al-Mutabagani Equestrian Center; in preparation of the competition that enjoys a special place in the hearts of the Saudi people. This is in coordination with the ministry of sports and the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation; ensuring everyone’s safety and aiming to achieve positive results. This is also to move forward in the upcoming competition early next October.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Mutabagani Equestrian Center will host the grand national showjumping tournament from Oct. 1-Oct. 3, with prizes amounting to SR45,000. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.