10,000 Saudi female employees registered in Wusool Program after raising its subsidy to SAR 1,100

The number of Saudi female employees registered in the Transportation Program for Working Women (Wusool) has reached 10,000 employees and the subsidy raised from SR 800 to SR 1100 per month, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) stated.

The increase in the number of female employees registered in the program comes in line with the amendments that have been recently made to the mechanism and requirements of the program, with the aim of providing support for the largest number of applicants and facilitating registration procedures.

Wusool Program aims to find solutions to reduce transportation costs for Saudi women working in the private sector.

It also aims to improve and develop the environment needed to transport women from and to workplaces, by ensuring high-safety and high-quality transportation service in partnership with private taxis companies using licensed smart apps.

To register in Wusool Program, visit: http://wusool.sa.