​​​​​​​Saudi woman driver racks up speed of 88.30 km in HunGarian Baja

Várpalota — Saudi Arabian driver Dania Akir won second place in the T3 category at an international event in Europe as part of the sixth round of the World Cup in the Cross-Country Rally Baja in Várpalota, Hungary.

Saudi driver Dania Akeel achieved second place in the T3 category in an international event held in Europe; as part of the sixth round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas held in Hungary in Varpalota.

Akeel came second in her first European Baja Rally in Hungary. Besides, setting the second fastest time in the first pass for a distance of 88.30 km; held over a total distance of 861 km, of which 682 km was a “special stage”.

She ranked 14th in the overall standings, and 2nd in the T3 category; with a total time of 9.11.42 hours; and in the process secured points that qualified her for the Baja World Championships.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya; Akeel said that she is so happy that she won second place in the HunGarian Baja in Varpalota, and that she won points to be added to the tournament.

She added: “The average speed was low on the third and final day of the HunGarian Baja because of the rocks in the track that made it difficult.”

Akeel said that the HunGarian Baja is her first Baja with her new French team since the Baja of Jordan.

“It is great to be back behind the wheel in an event that is completely different from previous events that were held in the Middle Eas;” Akeel said, adding, this is her first participation in Europe.

Akeel participated in the three-day race alongside French navigator Charles Cuypers; the racer’s affairs officer and also the supervisor of the organization of Dakar Rally.

Twenty Rally drivers participated in that event, and among them many Saudi rally drivers Yasser Bin Saedan, Yazid Al-Rajhi, Saleh Al-Saif took part. In addition, to riders Haitham Al-Tuwaijri and Faisal Al-Suwaih.